What made me start photographing families in a documentary way

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It all started with the question, why do I take pictures? What is my why? How can I photograph from my way of being?

I discovered that I like simple photography, without artificial sets, without directing the models, so that they can be themselves. I also like to show natural smiles, relaxed faces.

I also looked through old family albums that I love. That’s where I found the key; documentary photographs that show reality, details, disorder, hugs and games, as they are – because all our reality is important.

This introspection process made me switch from studio portrait work to documentary photography of families in their homes – and photographing the natural interactions has turned out to be very easy when families are in their own environment.

Here are some of the personal photos that affected my introspection and thoughts around the types of photographs I value. Why are they my favorites? They are because they have a story behind.

Each of the photos reminds me of a story my mother told me.

I love this photo. I remember that my mother told me that when I was a baby I lived for a while in the city of Castellón, near Valencia in Spain. We used to go to a park in the city center and my favorite activity was to eat the food of the pigeons ...

Already being a mother, my little daughter escaped crawling to eat the food of our chickens ... can this be hereditary?

This other photo reminds me of Sundays when we went to the countryside and ate oranges from some land. I have always enjoyed eating fruit and my mother has told me many times. Technically it is not a perfect photo, but who cares if it brings me such good memories?

Looking at this picture, my mother told me that I loved flowers and cut them everywhere, which was a real problem in some gardens. They made me a crown and I was that happy. I had this picture at my grandparents' house in a frame and I saw it for many years. My mother is radiant, she looks happy and I love her. But what I like most is that it is real, this happened at the time they took the picture ... it is real and that is why it is part of my story.

In summer, when I visited my grandparents, I liked to go up to his terrace and my grandmother gave me the broom to sweep. It was my favorite game, it swept very concentrated a good time every afternoon. Although I did not remember, my mother told me many times, especially when I was a teenager and did not want to help clean.

I also have another favorite photo, from when in my communion I drank the cider for the first time from my mother's glass ... my mother found out when she saw the photos!

And when I was 15, they gave me a camera and I started taking pictures as soon as I could. I love this photo, taking photos of the reflection in the mirror with my sister. We were delighted with what was coming out. And the thrill of going to the photography store to pick up the revealed photos, was pure experiment and surprise.

My children will also have many precious memories with the albums I prepare for them, we will tell stories on the couch while we watch them together. I’m not always present in the photos because I take them, but I try to have at least one with me from time to time.

And that is a problem in many families, because the father or mother who normally takes the pictures never comes out.

Last month I was hired by a photographer to do a mid-day session with her family. This is the only way for the whole family to be together in the photos! And next summer she will photograph a session with us, the hole family!

What are your favorite photos of your childhood?

Do you feel you don't have enough photographies?

In a few years you can tell the stories of the details of the photos and laugh a lot together.

The good thing about documentary photography is that you don't need to prepare anything at home. No need to look for special clothes, fix the house or pose in front of the camera. Everyone does what they normally do and it is not an exhausting experience, children love it!

Click here to get all the info about the sessions and book the best for you.

On my website you can read the opinions of clients and the see documentaries of other families that I have photographed.

Because our life, our routines, trips and hugs are a treasure for our family, give them the value they deserve.

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