Tenderness between siblings

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If there is something that melts my heart when I see it, it is for my children to show affection and complicity among them.

The first time I felt it was when my oldest son took my second baby in his arms. In my pink cloud, I was laden with love after childbirth and I think joy covered everything. When they later started interacting, I realized that something important was going on inside me when the brothers hugged. The signs of love between my children fill me with love. I feel a little proud too, a feeling like a job well done. I took photos in some of the moments, and there are so precious to me!

I see before me the last scene in my house. My two young children decide to sleep together and get into the same bed. When I return after a while, the little girl, asleep, hugs her brother and they are comfortable next to each other. It is an image that will be recorded in my memory.

Now that they are older they have their own activities and most weekends we cannot organize family outings. So when we can all be together, it's a gift for me. When children are young we are not aware of how little the stage of playing together children lasts and then misses. At the moment when the elder begins with adolescence, the relationship changes dramatically and as I have been told it is not so close again after a few years. Teenagers want more independence, more time alone and that greatly influences the relationship with the rest of the family.

My kids this Christmas holidays in Spain

During the family sessions I do in the homes of families, I continually seek to make the most special photos when the brothers are together. Having them in action, talking, playing, eating in the bathroom, is amazing. When they are interacting they often forget that I am there with my camera and the reactions are spontaneous.

I feel how important these photos will be for the families with young children in a few years when they’re older, when they can look back on those bonding moments. And I know it because these are the photos of my own family cherish the most.

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