It is possible: do something nice with the family time during quarantine

For this week I had another topic prepared, but with the epidemic, it no longer makes sense.

It is a strange sensation, something happens that we do not control and suddenly this life that we lead changes.

We change from a stressful life to a complete break in the rhythm ... telework if you can ... and now ... everyone at home ... there are no activities ... there is nothing ... just the family at home ...


What if we take advantage of this very complex and extraordinary situation at the same time and get something wonderful out of it?

I've been thinking about how photography can help in this situation (photography can help in almost all situations) and an idea occurred to me.

We will have time for ourselves.

We are going to share family time.

We are going to test telework and see that in many cases it is possible.

We will share tasks and care at home, yes, it can!.

We are going to realize the potential that we have as citizens to change situations and preserve life.

We will see less traffic, empty streets, clean air in the cities.

We are going to experience what our slowed down society would be like, even if it is temporary.

I have a modest proposition that brings joy and positive energy.

Let's start the #cameramamaproject

We are going to look for the positive side of the quarantine and make the most of our time with our children. I want to propose the #cameramamaproject for these coming weeks.

I want to propose the #cameramamaproject for these coming weeks.

We are going to look for pictures from long ago, to enjoy with our children watching albums from our childhood, and to tell many stories. Our stories.

Do you want to enter?

Every two days I will propose a topic from my document "The 30 photos of your children you need to take" and we will share it on Facebook and Instagram.

Don't have my guide yet? Sign up quickly and get my guide directly in your email:

Ik wil de complete gids lezen!!! (Dutch...sorry!)

At the end of the challenge you will have some very valuable material from your family and I am sure we will have a great time, I include myself too!

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