Stop the time, now

Family Storytelling

Life flows … Do you feel that the minutes pass too fast? Too many obligations and tasks ?, children grow so fast …

Would you like to press the STOP button so that the movie of your life would stop for a while?

Do you feel overwhelmed that the days go by without you being able to have a quality memory of your family? We take a lot of photos with the phone but we are not convinced by the result … Does your family deserve a special memory that lasts over time?

Imagine that…

gathered around these images you feel unique and special.

Imagine that…

you have photoshoot that increases in value over time, a true family treasure.

Imagine that…

a photo session becomes a fun experience for children.

Imagine that…

joy will return every time you see the photos.

Little Islands can help you with a new concept of family photography …

Let me tell your story, a whole family day in a story that is special and different for each home, because your wonderful family has details that make it unique! It will be a report of a full day or just for one-two hours, in your home and outside, wherever you go, from the chaotic and happy breakfast until your little ones fall exhausted at night. I will capture the most tender and fun moments that you will want to keep forever. Everyone will discover new details of your daily life, the photos provide a new point of view to your routine.

At last an authentic family day to enjoy …

You will have spontaneous photos, quality and artistic composition to share with family and friends … and that will become part of the family heritage.

I’m Iratxe, mother of 3 energetic kids, photographer of Little Islands Photography, and I’ve already done many reports with other families who also want to give value to their wonderful home and now enjoy some photos that are the best memories. I have been photographing children and families and adults for 7 years in Spain and Belgium and I would not change this work for anything. Best of all, some customers have become great friends. It is simply wonderful to witness the happiness and harmony within a family, with its routines and moments of chaos, laughter and games, which are unique and personal in every home.

See what other customers say

Your house will be a small museum with your best moments in quality photographies.

Do not think twice and book your Family Storytelling session TODAY


Stop the time, give value to your memories … Because your moment is NOW.

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